Home Universal Access

Travelling in and out of town? Pick a city from below and use one of the following numbers prior to
dialing to save using our great Long Distance rates!!


(647) 258-4855

(647) 277-9077

Kingston (613) 887-9090

(613) 907-1600

(613) 212-8729

Barrie (705) 798-2020
Montreal (514) 504-2100 Guelph (519) 224-3400
Vancouver (604) 998-8020 Newmarket (289) 366-1979
Hamilton (905) 390-1709 Edmonton (780)-701-7577
St. Catherines (289) 434-0443 Kitchener- Waterloo (519)-489-7053
Ajax-Pickering (289) 315-3963 Windsor (519) 962-2252
Calgary (587) 952-0664 Ajax-Whitby (289) 315-3951
*Canada Toll Access
(see below)
(866) 260-0025 London (519) 963-8787
Los Angeles (323) 345-6412 Chicago (312) 253-7606
New York
(718) 690-9790
*US Toll Access
(see below)
(866) 260-0025


Note: *Please note an additional $0.03 will be charged per minute when using Toll access

Universal Access Phone Numbers:

Another Way To Get Unlimited Calling To India

There’s a few things that we wanted to accomplish when we set out to make your Mississauga home phone the best it could be and one of those items was ease of use. We wanted to be sure that we provided excellent long distance phone rates and the one way we strove to get you what you needed was the universal access phone numbers we provided.When you’re looking for a way to get unlimited calling to India you need to take a serious look at what we’ve got to offer. Using one of the convenient numbers before you dial gives you access to cheap long distance rates. There are no other voip providers that can give you what we can here at TFXConnect.

When you get a voip telephone with us you’ll not only get outstanding capabilities for India voip, you’ll be getting the advantages of several features that include:

  • Unlimited local calling. As if unlimited calling to India wasn’t enough. With unlimited local calling you’ll be assured of getting in touch with all your friends and relatives in Canadian cities like Guelph, Barrie, Kingston or Toronto.
  • Voicemail and Call Waiting. Many people who are first looking to get a cheap home phone are worried about the fact they might not be able to get all the same features. With TFXConnect we make sure that you don’t need to compromise here at all.
  • Travelling with the Adaptor. When you’re on vacation and you need to make a call, bringing your adaptor with you means that you’ll be getting the cheapest in international calling as long as you can find an internet connection. What better way to save on those long distance calls to the people waiting to hear from you?
  • We’ve got all the angles covered and have even recently come out with a Virtual Numbers capability. Here’s a great method to get a specialized number from TFX Connect with no equipment necessary.

    Finally, you need to have a look at our customer service department when you’re looking to get see how rounded our services are. While you’re on that page, why not have look at the promotions that we offer to our new customers that include exceptional rates and sign up bonuses?

    Whether you’re looking for unlimited calling to India or somewhere closer to home, TFX Connect has you covered.

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