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TFX Connect has developed a comprehensive portfolio of support services that is flexible enough to meet any requirement. From a single PC through to a complex network we can provide cover for a single incident or reactive 24 hours monitoring and assessment of your entire IT infrastructure.

Who is it for?

Every type and size of organization is now dependent on their IT investment to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer service. Keeping this investment operational is key to success, but for many small and medium-sized organizations this can be costly and time consuming.

TFX Connect IT support services have been specifically designed for SMEs and corporate businesses and deliver a high-quality and cost-effective solution that can meet all your support needs.

Why do I need it?

Any organization that utilizes IT in its day-to-day operations needs to consider how it would cope if there was a problem with the technology. How would you identify the source of this problem and then quickly fix it to minimize downtime? Have you got the right skills and experience to carry out the job yourself or do you need to partner with a third party specialist?

TFX Connect IT Support Services have been designed to take care of all this for you. From a one-off incident fix for your PC or server through to a comprehensive support agreement with 24 hours remote monitoring and specialist advice, we have a support option that will meet any need.

What is covered?

Whatever your IT support requirement we have a service that can meet your needs:

  • IT support for PCs – provides a single point of contact for all your PC issues and covers the installation of new hardware and software as well as help with virus/Spyware problems
  • IT support for servers - provides a single point of contact for all your server issues and covers the installation and support of Microsoft Active Directory
  • IT support office manager – complete proactive solution that helps manage your entire IT infrastructure 24X7
  • IT support for one-off incidents – immediate high-quality and cost-effective support solution for single incidents that covers PCs, laptops and servers

To get full details of what is included in each package and find out exactly what hardware, operating systems, Windows systems and applications are covered, please contact us.

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